How it all began... Based in the sunny Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Tauranga is home to Fragile Colours Music.  Back in 1998, Tim Julian began working on a project with Marion Arts - The Songs of the Rings.  With little interest being shown by any of the record companies at the time, Tim decided to try and help by starting Fragile Colours Music, an independent record label to run alongside the Colour Field Recording Studio, of which he was also the owner operator.  A website was duly set up and a number of albums were sent to distant corners of the globe to happy Rings fans. Cut to 2010, and the arrival of Jeff Murphy in the studio to cut some demos.  Once the songs were up and running, Jeff decided to enlist a female singer for the main vocals - Elizabeth Robinson was the choice and consequently the songs outgrew their demo status.  As the album developed, Tim decided to move on from just having a website for the label, to bringing the artists on board with the aim of growing the Fragile Colours Music family with an express aim:  Taking Music from the Bay to the World Currently, the roster has grown from just representing Marion, to having diverse acts such as Elizabeth Robinson, Nine Mile Stone, Brilleaux, Bonjour Swing, Leilani, Tuner, The Remarkables and the studio project Fragile Colours.  The aim of taking music from The Bay to The World is in FCM’s sights, the number of albums we have in the repertoire is growing and the music just keeps getting better!  Listen and enjoy! Tim with favourite piano at the Nine Mile Stone CD launch, 2011.  About Fragile Colours Music Made with Xara