Brilleaux  -  Live At The Masonic  If you’ve never experienced the atmosphere of a Brilleaux Live Show, or have and want to relive the experience, here’s the album for you.  Brilleaux at their hard driving best, with 10 tracks recorded live at the Masonic in Auckland, 2011.  Turn it up loud with complete disregard for the neighbours! Brilleaux  -  Decade  The Fabulous Most Groovy Brilleaux’s fourth studio album, Decade, celelbrates 10 years of the boys bringing their brand of Rhythm’n’Blues to fans.  They roadtested a lot of the tracks live and honed them to a razor sharp edge before committing them to tape (OK, hard drive) in the studio.  Brilleaux  -  Live At The Colosseum Brilleaux’s first foray into live recording, taken from a show performed at The Colosseum in Tauranga.  You’ll hear live versions of tracks destined for the Decade album, plus classic Brilleaux live tracks that have entertained fans for years.  $24.95 NZD+P&P $24.95 NZD+P&P $24.95 NZD+P&P Store Made with Xara Brilleaux  -  Eight Track Style Here are Brilleaux exploring some different area’s and experimenting with the Rhythm’n’Blues style.  Featuring photos of some of lead singer Graham Clarks collection of wonderful 8 track tape players, the album still rocks hard and has all the usual Brilleaux trappings - driving guitars, powerful harmonica playing and the driving rhythm section of Ian Gilpin and Brian Franks. $24.95 NZD+P&P Brilleaux  -  Welcome To The Brilleaux Show With a set of great self penned songs and a Brilleaux take on the classic ‘Riding On The L&N, Welcome To The Brilleaux Show conjures up images of their live shows:  sweaty pounding rhythms, Bruce Rolands muscular guitars and the vocals of Graham Clark.  All the usual Brilleaux hallmarks are here in abundance. $24.95 NZD+P&P Brilleaux  -  Maximum Rhythm and Blues When someone offers you a chance to record an album live in the studio, you jump at the chance - Maximum Rhythm and Blues is the child of Nigel Masters Boatshed Studio and Brilleauxs weekend of hard work in front of the mic’s.  Their second studio album and a great collection of blues covers played in the inimitable Brilleaux style. $24.95 NZD+P&P
Brilleaux -  Maximum Rhythm and Blues- Play Samples No Mo Do Yakamo Take A Tip Nothin’ Shakin’ Low Rider Brilleaux - Welcome To The Brilleaux Show - Play Samples The Brilleaux Show Riding On The L&N Beer Goggles You Give Me A Chill Brilleaux - Eight Track Style - Play Samples Get Over Yourself Roadtest Ronnie Hitman You’re Going Home In An Ambulance Brilleaux - Decade - Play Samples Howlin’ Wolf PHD In Stupidity I Love Girls She’s a Tee’s She’s Got The Hump Pictures Of Her Majesty Ellas McDaniels Son Of A Bitch Gimme One More Shot Nadine Brilleaux - Live At The Colosseum - Play Samples Brilleaux  -  Live At The Masonic - Play Samples  Brilleaux  -  Pictures Of The Queen  The latest offering from Brilleaux - this album captures the energy of Brilleaux at the height of their game.  Ten new Brilleaux songs and a couple of thumping covers.  Variety is the spice of life and this album shows a versatility in the band - a mix of cheeky, satirical, tongue in cheek and nostalgic rhythm and blues.  This album was debuted on their successful 2015 UK tour to crowds of enthusiastic music lovers.! Brilleaux  -  Brilleauvator  Brilleaux as you’ve not heard them before - unless you’ve had the privelege of attening one of their ‘sit down, shut up and listen’ acoustic shows.  These have been such a success they decided it would be a great idea to do a full acoustic album.  We recorded this live in the studio with only minimal overdubs - the result is Brilleaux telling their story of the blues as handed down by their mentors and influences.  Brilleaux  -  Pictures Of The Queen - Play Samples  Brilleaux  -  Brilleauvator - Play Samples 
$24.95 NZD+P&P $24.95 NZD+P&P
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