The Colour Field Recording Studio The Colour Field Control Room Our control room is a moderately sized 4.5m x 6m room with a vaulted roof.   It houses the vintage Soundtracs 24:8:2 console and Samplitude based recording gear.  We have a selection of valve and solid state mic pres from Drawmer, Joe Meek, TL Audio and ART, plus an Avalon U5 DI.  Monitoring is courtesy of a set of the awesome Trident HG3s or Auratone Cubes.  The warm cosy room is supplemented with bass traps, comfy sofa, interesting reading material and great art. The Colour Field Live Room The Live room is a spacious 8m x 6m room, again with vaulted ceiling and exposed trusses and wooden laminate floor.  A selection of moveable gobos allow us to set up the recording space to suit your needs and adjust the rooms interior space.  We also have a variety of instruments available for musicians to use, including a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, Yamaha Stage Custom drumkit, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, plus a variety of percussion instruments.   Made with Xara Booking information and contact: Contact Tim for studio availability and rates.  07 544 4847          027 667 3737